China's KJ-500 AEW&C Platform Enters Service With PLAAF

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Chinese military issue websites indicate the Kongjing 500 (KJ-500) airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft has started to enter service with the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).

While images of the KJ-500 in the PLAAF paint scheme first appeared in late 2014, the first image of one with an official serial number (30471), confirming its service entry, did not appear until 18 March.

First seen in early 2013, the KJ-500 is based on the Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation (SAC) Y-9 four-turboprop transport combined with a fixed phased-array radar developed by the Nanjing Research Institute of Electronic Technology (NRIET, or 14th Institute).

Chinese internet sources suggest that while the KJ-500 is smaller in size, electronic advances enable its radar to be as capable as NRIET's fixed array for the KJ-2000 AEW&C system that is fitted to an Ilyushin Il-76 platform. In January 2013 Chinese television reported this radar could track 60 to 100 targets simultaneously out to 470 km.


The KJ-500 radar's three arrays are apparently the same size and contained in a saucer-shaped dome with an apparent satellite communications antenna in the middle. Other imagery indicates SAC considered but rejected a teardrop-shaped dome that would have allowed for larger side-looking arrays. The KJ-500 also features two passive electronic intelligence arrays.

China Finally Accepts it has an Army of Hackers

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Well, something very unexpected has happened today. The fact that China is having an army of hackers isn’t surprising; instead, acceptance of this fact by China is shocking. United States, India and many other countries have been suspecting this communist nation for a long time for carrying out cyber attacks. But, the every instance and complaint made was denied by China in the past.

Now, China has decided to unveil the curtain covering this mystery. The latest edition of The Science of Military Strategy, which is a respected analysis of Chinese military actions and thinking, has written about China’s cyber-warfare army.

A Chinese military strategy expert at the Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis, Joe McReynolds told the Daily Beast that China has accepted the fact that it uses hackers and cyber-warfare units. He called this release as a “once in a generation” document. For the first time, China has said, “Yes, we do in fact have network attack forces, and we have teams on both the military and civilian government sides.”

Back in the year 2013, Mandiant, an American security agency, published a sixty-page report with information about the Chinese hacking group Unit 61398. This mischievous group was suspected of doing damages to American companies and government via its headquarters located in Shanghai.

China's Hacking Army

In 2014, U.S. filed criminal charges against five Chinese military officials: Gu Chunhui, Wang Dong, Wen Xinyu, Huang Zhenyu, and Sun Kailiang. They were accused of hacking and are the FBI’s most wanted Chinese hackers.

China’s Electromagnetic Catapult More Advanced than US

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China’s catapult for takeoff of carrier-based aircrafts is entirely problem free in technology. It is even better than that of the US.
Outsiders are very much interested whether China’s first homegrown aircraft carrier will adopt ski-jump takeoff like that of the Liaoning or the most advanced electromagnetic catapult assisted takeoff. If the catapult is used, a carrier-based fighter jet may have much longer range and carry much more weapons.
Major General Ma Weiming, the inventor of China’s electromagnetic catapult, pointed out that lots of practices have proved that there were no problems at all in China’s catapult technology. He is confident that the catapult can be used.
General Ma has won quite a few National Science and Technology Progress Awards first class and is regarded by outsiders as a “national treasure” in military technology.
At reporters’ repeated questions whether China’s homegrown aircraft carrier will use electromagnetic catapult, he pointed at the one star on his uniform and said with a smile that he was only a technical general in charge of research and development of the technology that can be used. Only PLA top management can decide which technology should be used.

China’s Next Generation of Carrier-Based Fighter to Emerge before 2020

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China’s international radio station Voice of Strait says in its report on March 11 that Sun Cong, a CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China’s top advisory body) member who is chief designer of J-15 carrier-based fighter jet, disclosed to the station’s reporters in an interview that China’s next generation of carrier-based fighter jet may emerge before 2020.

J-15 carrier-based fighter jet

J-15 is China’s first generation of carrier-based fighter jet. It is a heavy fighter jet with twin engines. It emerged on China’s aircraft carrier the Liaoning on November 25, 2012, much earlier than predicted by experts abroad. Sun says China is now training pilots for J-15. The major task for J-15 now is to obtain combat capabilities.
In Sun’s view, for national revival, China has to be strong in both economy and national defense. There has to be strength of national defense to protect and escort China’s peaceful development.

France Secretly Provides China with Top Radar, Air-to-air Missile

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According to Britain’s Jane’s Defense weekly, China may get through Pakistan the the technology in Franch MICA air-to-air missile and RC-400 radar, which the EU bans sales to China. Such technology may constitute a threat to the Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets that Taiwan has got from France.
Pakistan is to get the above-mentioned missiles and radar from France for its JF-17 fighter jets. As JF-17 is jointly developed by Pakistan and China, when Pakistan has got the missile and radar, it is quite possible that China will get the technologies in the missile and radar.
MICA is as good as US advanced AMRAAM air-to-air missile. It is well-known for its accuracy and controllability. China may obtain its technology through reverse engineering from a MICA missile provided by Pakistan.

JF-17 with CM-400AKG
JF-17 with CM-400AKG

In developing its J-10 fighter jet, China has reference to the technologies in American F-16 fighter jet as it was able to study in details an F-16 provided by Pakistan.
To prevent China from obtaining French weapon technologies with similar approach, the US will strongly oppose French sales of the weapons to Pakistan. For the same reason India, a major buyer of French weapons, will also oppose.

China to Build Mach 3.6 Super Strategic Nuclear Bomber

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According to’s report, on December 30, 2014, China’s high-temperature gas-cooled nuclear fuel component with sole Chinese intellectual property passed international test in Patten, Netherlands.
The component is a key part of high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor. Its high quality ensures the safe operation of the reactor, which is so far one the safest nuclear reactors in the world.
In book Space Era Technology: The Way China Beats The U.S., there is description of Russian media Voice of Russia’s speculation on China developing large strategic bombers. 
Foreign media have much speculation about China’s plan to build its stealth strategic bomber. Due to China’s habit to keep its weapon development confidential, the speculation is often groundless guessing as information about such top secret is utterly unavailable.
However, as China has been conducting discussions with Russia on joint development of large aircrafts, Chinese officials taking part in the discussions may have said something about large strategic bomber to draw out some information from Russian experts on large aircrafts, but has thus also revealed China’s interest in large strategic bombers. Therefore, I believe Russian sources are more reliable.
On October 17, 2013, in an interview with, Senior Colonel Wu Guohui, associate professor of National Defense University and a super pilot, said that previously it was believed that as the US and Russia are interested in developing long-range strategic bombers, in the future, China would also develop such bomber.
However, as Wu was not an insider to China’s top secret plan on such a bomber, he could not be a reliable source.
China’s said in its report on October 29, 2013 That according to Russian media, China was developing a nuclear powered strategic bomber as China had made breakthrough in reducing the size of its high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor. China’s huge strategic bomber will use such a reactor.

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