Kuwait’s MBT decision could revive tank production in Croatia and Serbia

Kuwait’s decision whether to modernise its fleet of M-84 main battle
tanks (MBTs) could spur the revival of production of the vehicles by
Serbia and Croatia, Serbian media reported on 17 June.

Senior defence ministry officials from Serbia and Croatia met to
discuss possible modernisation strategies for the vehicles, which could
be at the core of a significant defence collaboration between the two

“Tank production can be revived if there proves to be a need,” said
Stevan Nikcevic, general director of Jugoimport SDPR, which
co-ordinates the domestic defence industry. “I cannot say anything
about the details of the commercial contract with Kuwait. We have
transported the M-84 AB1 tank there and thus the modernised version and
demonstrated its capabilities. The Kuwaitis were pleased with what they