Russian arms "Made in China"

The world is watching the huge potential of China. It has a huge and growing middle class and reserves worth $1 Trillion

. The old saying goes something like this… ”If China needed 1 billion refrigerators, it would buy, one German fridge, one American fridge, one Russian fridge and one French fridge…it would then copy all of them as “Made in China” products”. The Chinese have huge “reengineering factories”, where thousands of young graduates from universities break down every latest foreign made product into small pieces and try to assemble it back together with Chinese made parts. If sa 100% assembly is not possible, the particular part is given to more experience engineers to decipher, and design. This process continues ’till the entire product has Chinese made products. It may take the Chinese a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even a few years, but ultimately the Chinese “Made in China” product emerges at a cheaper price. The Chinese make the appropriate changes and then flood the market with products that are cheaper in cost.

In the menatime, expereinced engineers are busy designing new innovative prodeucts based on the experience and market conditions.
This is exactly what has happened with Russian arms to China. A case in point. China purchased kits to assemble 200 Su-27SK Russian fighters. After assembling 105 planes, China canceled the deal. Many beleive that China is manufacturing a fighter that is in effect a replica of the Russian Sukhoi Su-27.
Russia has supplied China with weapons worth a total of more than $25 billion for the past 15 years. Aircraft, ships and air defenses account for the bulk of this sum. An aircraft engine that China is trying to make is effectively a replica of Russia’s AL-31F though China is assuring experts that it has designed the engine.


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