Severodvinsk to be the world's most silent sub – NF Command

n spite of being built for 17 years, nuclear-powered submarine Severodvinsk will be armed with most advanced weapons and, perhaps, will become the world most silent sub, said Capt 1 rank Alexei Poteshkin, Northern Fleet (NF) submarine force executive officer.

"State trials of the submarine will be held this year. Hopefully, upon their results Severodvinsk will be recognized the most advanced and silent – which is the main feature of submarines – ship in the world", said A. Poteshkin at Tuesday's press conference.

He pointed out that despite 17 years have passed since the sub's keel laying, arms and equipment were installed in the very recent time. "Basically, 17 years is only the hull's age, but filling is the most up-to date", Poteshkin said.

The submarine has been considerably changed, noted the officer. "The sub will be equipped only with the newest arms and hardware", underlined Poteshkin.

Answering the question of tasks for SSGN Severodvinsk, Poteshkin said it would be escorting strategic ships and performing other functions ordinary for attack subs.

Launching ceremony of SSGN Severodvinsk was triumphantly held on Tuesday at Sevmash shipyard in the presence of Dmitry Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation.


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