Sigma 30 Artillery Navigation And Pointing System Deployed

France: Developed and produced by Sagem, the Sigma 30 is a laser gyro land navigation and pointing system for artillery pieces, enabling highly accurate firing on short notice.
Sagem has also set up a maintenance shop near New Delhi to help the Indian army keep its Sigma 30 systems in fighting trim. Indian mechanics received specialized training for this system in both France and India.
The Defense R and D Organisation, part of the Indian Ministry of Defence, originally chose the Sigma 30 system in 2008. They were installed by Larsen and Toubro and Tata Power Company, the two Indian companies in charge of integrating the Pinaka MLRS.
The Sigma 30 pointing system has been proven in combat on a Caesar 155 mm gun. It is also used with NATO's Mars MLRS and the 2R2M 120 mm mobile mortar, within the scope of a modernization program. In addition, the Sigma 30 has been qualified on the Archer, Donar, PZH 2000 and FH 77 B05 155 mm guns.
Artillery systems by Sagem, now deployed by 20 armed forces worldwide, cover a wide range of state-of-the-art applications, including advanced observation systems, optronic sensors, navigation and pointing systems, fire control, computers, digital mapping, systems integration.


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