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USC could built Mistral once the technology is available

Shipyards of United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) are capable to build Mistral-type
carrier after obtaining specific technologies from France; however,
selection of certain shipyard will be made upon receipt of application
from Russian defense ministry, said Vice Premier Igor Sechin, top
director of USC behind the scenes of St. Petersburg International
Economic Forum.

“United Shipbuilding Corporation and Russian shipyard participating in
negotiations are basically capable to execute the order of defense
ministry [to build the helicopter carrier] once such order is placed”,
Sechin said having added that the ministry had not set the task so far.

According to him, it is necessary to comprehend which details are
essential for the defense ministry to be implemented in the project;
afterwards, Russian shipyards will be assessed whether they are capable
to take part in the project. As for Sechin, an option is also possible
that “adequate foreign partner” (probably, French one) would be

“Once we have a task from defense ministry it would be clear what they
need. So we could react adequately – either execute by ourselves or
call upon partners”, concluded Sechin.