Baykar Makina Caldiran Tactical UAV’s


Wing Span: 9m
Length: 5.5 m
Cruise Speed: 70 Knots
Endurance: 10 Hours
Communication Range: 150 Km

– Automatic Taxi
– Automatic Take Off
– Automatic Flight
– Automatic Landing
– Cross Redundant Software & Architecture
– Automatic Return Home & Landing in Case of Lost Comm.
Ground Control Station System (Cross Redundant Architecture)

* Real Time Command / Control
* Multi Display Feature
* Pilot Console Unit
* Copilot Console Unit
* Ground Control Unit
* Ground Data Terminal Unit
* Automatic Tracking Antenna System

Flight Control System:

* Automatic Guidance / Navigation
* INS/GPS Navigation Capability
* Kinematic Model Based Stochastic Filtering Algorithms
* Automatic Landing Feature With Onboard Sensor Fusion Algorithms
* Automatic Fuel Management Balancing Feature
* Redundant Sensor Units (Pitot Static, GPS, IMU etc)
* Fully Automatic Control From Taxi to Landing