PAF's possible answer to MRCA

I took out some time from my studies to write my thoughts as to wut will PAF's possible answer be to MRCA, i have analysed all the options one by one, availabe to PAF from my point of view, so here it goes.
1. IAF goes for F-18 SuperHornet

The aircraft will give IAF a big boost in stirke roles as they will now get one the best proven fighter of the US Airforce (just look at the different types of weapons it can carry), but the biggest drawback is that they would have to set up all new infrastructure to handle this aircraft, which will surely take lots of time, one of the biggest problem will also come in managing all the different Russian n American aircraft's at once. The aircraft is pricey no doubt about that but if this plane is bought the tender will easily jump from $10 Billion to $15 Billion because of the weapons that will be bought separately and training n everythin else needed with the aircrafts, US is solely sellin this plane cause it wants to counter China's growing influence in the region n the world by using India as a pawn on the chessboard, the biggest set back for India will be when US in the future bans all exports of spares for these planes to India, when it is done with China, as was the case with our F-16's when cold war ended, then after export bans for spares India will have to pay a big price in the black markets, initially the order will be for 126 aircraft but, I'm pretty sure they will exercise the remaining option for 74 aircraft which would bring the total number of F-18's to 200 in IAF.
2. Buy some real kick *** fighter like the next generation F-15E Strike Eagle, "The F-15 family of aircraft has a perfect air-combat record of more than 100 victories and zero defeats" (greater than F-16's) (3 squadrons of these aircraft would be enough to counter the F-18 threat), or if PAF doesnot want to go American way they should go for Rafale, a very capable n proven fighter, the sale of the aircraft cannot be blocked like the F-15's by the American congress(again 3 squadrons) or the Eurofighter which is an air superiority fighter, i know its expensive but it will keep IAF away as they will know that PAF operates it n it is not the machine, it is the man behind the machine which is the real face of victory but none the less both play an important role in the success of the mission, n Alhamdulillah our Pilots r the best in the world. I would suggest PAF not to buy anymore F-16's cause we have had enough with F-16's buy somethin else now, whose technology could be used to further improve our JF-17 n possibly J-10's. Guys, one more thing, if we go for F-15E stike eagles they will have "A Service life that will allow it to be viable until at least 2035", n we know how capable this fighter is, it will be a big punch in Su-30's face n even F-18's. Wut ever aircraft PAF puchases to counter the MRCA threat in the future it should not be a sinlge engine aircraft.

Possible PAF's response to this scenario.

Well, PAF know's that this aircraft is very capable, wut I think PAF should do in this scenario is, it should adopt different alternatives to counter this threat which includes:

1. Buy real kick *** MEADS battery with Patriot's in them, which will keep the F-18's, Su-30, n all the rest of our rivals aircraft out of PAK airspace, they will not even think to come near cause Patriot is a proven hit-to-kill SAM n it never misses it's target no matter wut, n they will know this. In my view PAF shuld buy atleast 15 of these batteries which would be used with our radars and erieye's. SAM systems r cheaper than fighter aircraft's so they can be deployed in PAK in large numbers. This will also give us defence against the russian made brahmos cruise missile n their Ballistic missiles.
In my view PAF should go for a mix of the above 2 options buy MEADS SAM batteries n buy 3 squadrons of one of the 3 twin engine planes mentioned above. This in view would be the best reply to F-18 SuperHornets as the possible MRCA winner. We donot have anyproblem with finances, we can ask Saudi's to fund our purchase or anyone else who is a trusted and time tested friend of our Proud Nation.

Anyway, guys my time is over now I've to start revisin for my exams which r after 2 weeks from now, i would conduct my analysis on F-16's n post it tommorow in this thread but guys who ever reads this please reply to i


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