South Korea Accepts the First Arthur WLR System

The South Korean Ministry of Defence’s procurement agency has now accepted the first delivery of six ARTHUR Weapon Locating Radar systems from Saab.

The ARTHUR systems delivered to the Republic of Korea Army in November will among other purposes be used to secure early detection of North Korea’s long range artillery. ARTHUR provides commanders with the capability to quickly locate firing artillery weapons and transmit the data to the Command & Control system within seconds. Delivery of the remaining systems will take place during next year.

“The procurement agency and the end user, the army, is a very
competent and demanding customer, and we are proud to be part of this
important program. We are also very proud that Korea now becomes a
member of the growingARTHUR family,”says Göran Gregerström, Vice President Asia Pacific, Saab Microwave Systems.

For this project Saab has cooperated with the Korean defence company LIG Nex1 for the Korean Industrial Participation.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation and quality of LIG Nex1
and are now jointly looking into other areas where we can cooperate
within the defence,” says Göran Gregerström.

In totally Saab has sold over 60 ARTHUR systems since the system originally was developed for the Swedish and Norwegian army. A number of these systems
have been proven in operation for thousands of hours proving a high
reliability and low operating cost for the different customers. The
system is currently in service in US, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Spain, Sweden, UK and some undisclosed countries.

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