Turkish Aviation Programs-Tiha Male UAV Block-A

Tiha Male UAV Block-A

* Service ceiling: 30,000 ft
* Endurance: 24 hours
* Cruise speed: >75 kts
* LOS communication range: >200 km
The UAV will have a 10m (33ft) all-composite fuselage, detachable
low-mounted wing with a span of 17.3m and a detachable V-tail with a
span of 4.5m.
Maximum take-off weight is 1,500kg (3,300lb) including provision for a 200kg payload and 250kg of fuel.
Initial payload elements will comprise a daylight camera, thermal
imager, laser designator, and synthetic-aperture radar with ground
moving-target identification capability. Weaponization will be studied
in the production phase.
The TIHA will have a pusher propeller configuration and a cruise speed
of around 75kt (140km/h), service ceiling of 30,000ft and 24h endurance.