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Drone attack kills 12 in NWA

Peshawar—Without caring a fig about the sanctity of Muslim’s holy month
of Ramazan, the American spying planes again struck in North Waziristan
agency Saturday night killing at least 12 people and wounding a couple
others seriously. Some officials claimed a known Taliban Commander Amir
Moawia is among the dead.

Reports reaching here from Miran
Shah the headquarters of North Waziristan agency said the notorious US
drone or the pilotless planes, which have been on the killing spree in
Pakistani northern belt for the last couple of years, targeted a
compound in Essori village of Tehsil Mir Ali some 25 kilometers east of
Miran Shah with hell fire missiles razing the compound to ground.

American planes fired at least two missiles at a house around 9.30 PM
when people were offering prayers playing hell in the vicinity as the
people busy in Traveeh prayers in the area were harassed and gone
panicky by the attack”. Residents said adding as many as 12 people were
reported killed and at least two more received serious injuries. The
locals, as the reports said, rushed to the site of the missile attack
amid fear and retrieved the dead bodies from the rubble.

intelligence officials confirming the incident said they have the
reports that a dozen people were killed in the attack and the death
toll may rise adding the Taliban commander Amir Moawia was also killed
in the Saturday’s fresh attack.

The predator planes went for
the adventurism in the holy month of Ramazan when the faithfuls are
fasting though this time they struck in Waziristan after a relative