JF-17 Thunder Exports Estimated at 5 billion

 Pakistani fighter Catic JF-17 Thunder has been demonstrated at an airshow in Farnborough.
It has attracted the interest of a number of countries including Azerbaijan.
JF-17 Thunder fighter was initially developed by Chinese engineers for the needs of the Pakistani army. First fighters JF-17 Thunder (Chinese FC-1 Saolun) were supplied to the Pakistani armed forces in 2007.
Now the project is entering a new level and the Chinese-Pakistani producers are searching ways to the international market.

Among potential customers who demonstrated interest to the innovation are Azerbaijan, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Venezuela and a number of other countries.
Earlier, the press spread information about an agreement with Azerbaijan regarding the purchase of at least 24 JF-17 fighters estimated at about $17m each, which envisions the volumes of supply at about $500,000,000.

The JF-17 fighter is 14 m in length, the wing span is 8.5 m and it is equipped with RD-93 engine and china is developing a new engine WS-13 with 100KN thurst with it.
The capacity of the plane is 3720 kg, the battle radius at the fighter version is 1200 km, maximal flight range is 3000 km. It can be equipped with different types of air-air and air-land rockets, as well as air bombs.


mm_mayfair said...
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mm_mayfair said...

Congratulation to China & Pakistan. Orders of the JF-17 will bring in much needed employment & revenue for development of other high tech defence equipment.

It will also take away orders from US & EC, thereby leaving them with reduced income and less funding to enhance their technology, thus reducing their world domination.

Whilst this will not happen over night, it will be achieved over time. We saw the same with British Car & Motorbike industry....which has been extent for a long extinct.

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