Denel Develops New Version Casspir APC

Denel’s Mechem division has developed a new air-transportable variant
of the Casspir mine-protected armoured personnel carrier (APC) to
complement the Mk II variants, which were re-launched in May 2010.

The new vehicle, known as the Casspir Mk IV, is wider than the
original vehicle, but at 2.73 m tall, it is slightly lower overall,
enabling it to fit through the entrance to a C-130 Hercules transport.
The vehicle’s 40 cm ride-height remains the same to help manage blast,
but the roof has been dropped by 20 cm.

Despite the change in dimensions, Denel claims the vehicle offers the
same high levels of mine protection as the earlier vehicles and that
add-on armour packages are available to increase protection still