Gorshkov Cost $2.33 Billion: Navy

Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier bought from Russia finally cost India
$ 2.33 billion, out of which $ 29 million was paid toward services
rendered by Indian specialists and another $ 85 million for repair
technical documentation.

India had early this year agreed to pay
$ 2.33 billion, over three times the $ 974 million it had signed a
contract for the 45,000-tonne warship in 2004, after a three-year

“The $ 29 million was paid for stationing 40-odd
Indian Navy personnel in Russia for over five years since 2004 to
assist, monitor and work on the repair and re-equipping of Gorshkov,” a
Navy officer said here today.

“The $ 85 million for repair
technical documentation was for buying all detailed charts, diagrams
and instructions for the machinery and equipment that are on-board
Gorshkov,” the officer said.

The technical documentation was
bought as a complete set right away because Gorshkov, rechristened INS
Vikramaditya would be the only warship of its class that India was
buying from Russia. Its delivery is scheduled for end of 2012.

these documents, India can carry on with repair and maintenance of the
warship within India independently without having to send the aircraft
carrier back to Russia, as we do in the case of Kilo class submarines,”
he said.

The documentation cost would be much lower than the
maintenance and repair cost of the warship if it had to go to Russia
for the purpose, leave alone the cost of sailing there and returning to
India, he added.