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India Inspects Russian Shipyard Repairing Diesel Electric Submarines

Delegation from Indian defense ministry visited Zvezdochka Ship Repair
Center with inspection on Sept 15. The inspection’s purpose is
beginning of works on Project 877EKM diesel electric submarine INS
Sindhurakshak. The sub has been already placed in the dock; unloading
of equipment and fitting out of ventilation are also started.

Sindhurakshak (S63) is a Sindhughosh-class diesel-electric submarine of
the Indian Navy. On February 26, 2010, a sailor aboard the submarine
was killed in a fire that broke out in the battery compartment of the
submarine while it was docked at Visakhapatnam naval base, though the
platform suffered no serious damage.

The delegation is headed by
Vice Admiral Nadel Nirajan Kumar, head of department for warships’
production and procurement. Delegates viewed the sub, accepted reports
from commanding officer, head of the observers’ group, and chief of
department conducting repairs. The Indian party noted the high level of
works arranged by Zvezdochka on subs of that project. The Indian
admiral was satisfied with the works’ progress.

Perspectives of
further repairs of the rest 4 Varshavyanka class subs were discussed
specifically. The experience related to INS Sindhukirti shows that
there are serious problems with India’s attempts to repair those subs
independently. Zvezdochka is capable to provide such overhaul within
the shortest possible period of time. An unofficial opinion says that
it would be more reasonable to repair all four submarines in