Indian Army To Face Raping Case

In a boost to the Manorama Devi raping case, the Guwahati High Court has allowed Manipur to re-open the probe. It is a move, which could have a direct impact on the future of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act in the state.
Manorama Devi was allegedly raped and murdered by Assam Rifle personnel in 2004. It was a protest against the Indian Army that had shocked the entire nation. 32-year-old Manorama Devi’s brutalised body was found on July 11, 2004.

Picked up by jawans of the Assam Rifles without an arrest warrant, she was allegedly raped and murdered by them. Security forces though had challenged a probe ordered by the state government against the jawans. But after 6 years of legal struggle, the Guwahati High Court has finally allowed the Manipur Government to act on the enquiry report.

Retired Justice C Upendra Singh who headed the one-man enquiry in the Manorama case said, “I gave a finding against the security people and then the security people made an appeal to the High Court. They do whatever they like, they have no regard for the law of the land.”

In 12 instances between 1996 and 2007 Justice Upendra has found security forces guilty of excesses. But no action has ever been taken against those involved. He insists the root cause of these violations is the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which was imposed in Manipur in 1980

It might still be a long wait for justice for many families in Manipur as incidents of alleged and murder by security forces keep happening in regular intervals.
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