Indian close look-up of PAK FA fighter

Russia has conducted a flight demonstration with its prototype PAK
FA fighter for a delegation of Indian defence ministry and industry

Held at Ramenskoye aerodrome near Moscow on 31
August, the 10min display was made in support of  New Delhi of a new fifth-generation
over the
bilateral development by Moscow

Indian officials inspected Sukhoi’s
lone PAK FA following the demonstration, which included low-speed
passes and high angle-of-attack manoeuvres. The aircraft, which will be
followed by two more prototypes before the end of the year, is pictured
with new-look camouflage markings

The new fighter programme is a topic of discussion by an
Indo-Russian commission for military industrial co-operation, along
with another to produce a multi-role transport aircraft with a 20t
payload capacity.
New Delhi is insisting on executing both programmes as joint ventures, with equal sharing of investment and workshare.
air force has a requirement for 250-300 next-generation T-50 fighters
to enter use from 2015-16, while India plans to buy between 200 and 250
of the joint design. This should use a common airframe and engines, but
have its on-board systems and weapons tailored for their individual
First flown in January, the PAK FA prototype is intended
to de-risk features such as the use of low-observable materials and
thrust-vectoring engines with supercruise performance, plus internally
carried weapons.
Russian sources suggest a pre-production batch
of between six and 10 aircraft will be built to support future testing
of the type, with the nation’s air force expected to launch operational
trials in Lipetsk around 2012-13.