Indian "RAW" is behind Pakistani Cricket Scandal

 According to "DailyMail" and "Nawaiwaqt" News papers......The drama against Pakistani Cricketers set by Indian RAW agency to isolate the Pakistan Cricket........Same way they made plan to Attack on Srik Lankan Team in Pakistan and then Pakistan was banned for International Cricket.
Its strange that it was Indian High Commision in UK who reported to ICC that Pakistani cricketers are involoved in gambling activities. And indian officials were meeting before this drama to different Journalists in UK to fix this matter against Pakistan and then finally they appointed one by giving him 50K UK ponds.
According to DailyMail........Mazhar Majeed is Indian Agency RAW's agent.

Also the video made with Mazhar Majeed in which shown Pakistani Cricketers is faked and there is no proof about the date of this video plus Scottland Yard also not sure the amount mentioned and showed in this video is axactly the same as mentioned.

And also if you see indian news channels (only the indian news channels) they daily shouting that Pakistan Cricket must be banned.............working on same track ...plan set by RAW against Pakistan.

The final proof is the "Mule" person appointed for this all Stage Drama "Mazhar Majeed" was set free by UK Police immediately saying they don't have any proof to keep him Jail.....

If we make this all chain can see.....First attacked on Sir Lankan Team in Lahore by Indian Agency RAW then UK Prime Ministers Speach agaist Pakistan in India and now Indian High Commision plus ex-ICC Idian president's involving in this matter to put fake blams on Pakistani Team for gambling shows that..............Indian's are very active to isolate the Pakistan.

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