China Requests AL-117S Engine And S-400 System From Russia

China has made a request for the purchase of Russian aircraft engines AL-117S and advanced anti-aircraft missile system s-400, writes on Tuesday newspaper "vedomosti", referring to the official MOD and a source close to the "Rosoboronexport.

After the visit of Russian Defense Minister Anatoly serdyukov in China, held two weeks ago, a new package of proposals in the field of Chinese military-technical cooperation has been reached. The Chinese side made a petition for the purchase of aircraft engines 117S (modernised version of the engine AL-31F, designed for the Su-35) and advanced anti-aircraft missile system S-400.

The russian side is ready to hold talks about the 117S purchase. But the export of S-400 systems is only possible after 2017, because of production limits, and because they have to enter service with Russia first.

This year, State by State banks and State guarantee funds the credit building three new factories of AA "Almaz-antei"-a new production plant in St. Petersburg, Obukhiv, new production on the basis of the Nizhniy Novgorod engineering plant in Nizhny Novgorod and plant "Avitek in Kirov. If these plans are implemented, then the order of China may be fullfilled after 2017, said an official of the Ministry of Defense.

On Tuesday in Beijing has 15 meeting of the Russian-Chinese Intergovernmental Commission on military and technical cooperation, which was received by the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation. Serdyukov, together with the Vice-President of the Central Military Council, PRC-Gen. Th Bos√Ľn signed a Protocol defining the future direction of development of relations between the two countries in the military and technical sphere. First of all, it is the implementation of contracts for the supply of spare parts for air defence systems, aviation and naval technology and the development of products for the Chinese side through development.


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