Chinese J-20 J-XX Fifth Generation Stealth Fighter Combination Of F-22 Raptor And T-50 Stealth Fighter Designs

The emergence of J-20 shook the media in the past ten years have no expectation on the aviation industry in China , J-20 seems to be a major step forward in the Chinese air force signals, it appears that that the PLA Air Force has grown up No longer need to rely on outdated Russian or Israeli fighter design. 

U.S. Defense News article said that the United States in 1990 had a secret test flight of the F-22 and its competitive model F-23 prototype. Five air superiority fighter currently in terms of whether China has caught up with the U.S.? Recently popular Chinese Web sites everywhere in the People’s Liberation Army’s newest jet fighter J-20 (F 20) obscure the picture. Some people think these pictures are fake; Also some people think that picture is real, and J-20 project has been well under way. Some analysts argue that these images may be the Chinese government has launched a product of information warfare.

The article said that some of the Internet forums in China have reproduced the J-20 picture, picture show that the aircraft has many typical characteristics of the shape of the Five machines, including the distinctive outline of the front nose, irregular triangular wings and a motor upgrade of the tail. Judging from the plane shape, the Chinese J-20 looks more like the U.S. Air Force F-22 fuselage and the front of the latter part of the Russian T-50 airframe combination.

J-20 has been shaken by the emergence of China’s aviation industry more than a decade did not have expectations of the media, J-20 seems to be a major step forward in the Chinese air force signals, it appears that that the PLA Air Force has grown up no longer need to rely on outdated Russian or Israeli fighter design.

Article analyzed, the question now is, J-20 is the emergence of the United States dominate the world aerospace end? Analysts are still nervous F-22 and will be F-35 as a world-class, but when Russia’s newest fighter T-50 flight and the Chinese J-20 appears, analysts knock on the status of the U.S. Air Force sound the alarm.

The Pentagon delayed production of F-35, but at the same time, China has been significantly accelerated the development of national secrets Five aircraft rate of progress.

Up to now, J-20 has not yet been flight. F-22 from the first flight to enter service with the U.S. military for 15 years, taking into account the high technology of China’s quality control problems, J-20 high-volume service may take years or even longer, which will be the balance of power in the Pacific have some impact. From this we can see that the Chinese Air Force, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, to judge and assess the possible bias a little, but not a lot of bias. 

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    o come on…just have a look at it, its a mixture of the only two 5th gen fighters available today: F22 and F35. The F35 is bulky and smaller but has increased stealth than F22 towards the front or overall too perhaps but the F22 is bigger, much sleek and better in performance. that is all china has done. used F35 for frontal stealth and use F22 for fuselage etc. we still have to see what kind of sensor fusion J20 can come up with, that will be the defining point for it. shapes can be copied easily. i would never say its an own design by china because its an effort to produce an aircraft by using best of two jets. tighten the belts for now, there alot to come on it. but one thing is clear: china is on the road now.

  • Anonymous

    Fake Photo. As long as China is still communist, anything can be bogus just for propaganda purposes.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, looks strikingly like American designs.

    Are Chinese people capable of inventing anything on their own, or do they just steal ideas from others?

    Perhaps two thousand years of being utter tools is showing itself.

    Still can't manufacture jet engines, rocket engines, or motherboards that last more than a few months.


  • Anonymous

    You can find a great deal of Indian Technology here in this website. Indians don't claim they are the best in world.

  • Anonymous

    keep it up idiots, the more u overestimate, the more effective a strike by china with their indigenous weapons will be