IAF to Chose From Eurofighter and Rafael: MRCA

After exhaustive trials of six fighter jets, Indian Air Force (IAF) has
made its choice clear to the Government on the kind of fighter jets
needed. Frontrunners for the force are French fighter Dassault Rafale
and the Eurofighter Typhoon built by the European consortium. Bernhard
Gerwert, Chief, EADS, says “If you are taking into account the portfolio
of EADS we can bring the bridge between civil aviation and military
aviation.” But the Americans and Russians have lost out. Boeing’s F18 no
longer a frontrunner and Sweden’s Gripen too falling off the Indian

Despite MiG 35s big thunder, its engine failing to impress while the
F-16, according to the IAF has no future. Another reason favouring
Rafale and Eurofighter is political. Thomas Matussek, German Ambassador,
“We regard India as a strategic security partner and this is why we do
not insist on an end user monitoring agreement period.” So when the
mother of all defence deals is signed for the 126 Multi-Role Combat
Aircraft either Rafale or the Eurofighter will fly away with the Rs
42,000 crore deal.

  • Anonymous

    Best buy will be Rafael with AESA & beyond BVRM. Even Typhoon is good too.What ever come out of those 2 it must be with AESA,BVRM and TOT.Must get the best for the money we going to pay.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever pays the maximum kickbacks to the Italian witch in India would get the deal.