India orders study on J-20

Two days before retiring from service, Air Marshal SC Mukul, the chief
of India’s Integrated Defence Staff (IDS) has instructed a Group
Captain-rank officer at HQ IDS to prepare a report on the recently
revealed Chinese stealth fighter prototype. The report will be India’s
official assessment of what, by all accounts, is a Chinese fifth
generation platform.
The study will, of course, rely mostly on open
source material — photographs, graphics, unofficial assessments — on
the J-20, though a source of mine indicates that the the officer
entrusted with authoring the report will also take inputs from the IAF
Directorate of Operations, the Directorate of Naval Aviation, the
advanced projects and AMCA divisions of the Aeronautical Development
Agency (ADA), the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL), the Aircraft
Research & Design Centre at HAL, apart from the R&AW. The report
will be provided to the Indian Air Force and the office of the National
Security Advisor. The HQ IDS orders studies on foreign weapon
programmes as a matter of routine. These assessments, obviously remain
classified though files on Pakistan’s air force strength did leak in

  • Anonymous

    Indians are clearly pissing their pants. Their joke of an imported Tejas has been grounded for decades. Pakistan must acquire this new beast of a J-20. We need to ensure that we continue to maintain superiority over India lest it be tempted to attack us again.

  • Anonymous

    India didn't attack Pakistan…Pakistan attacked India twice and lost twice, why does every Pakistani think they won and that they were attacked?

  • Faisal57

    Because India crossed the International border, Pakistan didn't. States in British India were free to choose which country they wanted to join, Hyderabad joined Pakistan, but the Indians captured the state, claiming that the state had a hindu majority.

    However, when it came to Kashmir, they tried capturing the state again, despite the Muslim majority. Then in '65 they crossed the International border, claiming that Pakistan was interfering across the Kashmiri line of control. A line of control is very different from an international border, the LoC just defines areas under each side's control, after an arbitrating body like the UN declares a truce.

    In '65, even though India crossed the International Border and Pakistan was not prepared, India was prevented from accomplishing their aims, and the Pakistani airforce achieved air superiority in front of a much larger force. In '71 India crossed the International border again, Pakistanis don't feel that they won that war, they lost 1/9th of their country.

  • Anonymous