Type 056 Light Corvette.

A model of the new Type 056 Light Corvette was presented to Hong Kong
University by the deputy commander of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison, Major
General Wang Junli 
on November 4th 2010. Since then, it was speculated that this 1500 ton
corvette could be the possible replacement of the Jianghu class
workhorse. This could be credible since the two leading Chinese naval
affairs magazines covered the Type056 in their current issues.

shipyards are capable of building such a corvette — it bears a
resemblance to the Thai Navy’s Pattani-class OPV which China exported
in 2006. The Type 056 would up-gun the Thai OPV with four YJ-3/C803 ASM
and a FL-3000N RAM launcher aft.

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    almost look like milgewm