British Military Scientists Developing An Army Of Invisible Tanks

British military scientists say they’re working to
develop an army of invisible tanks ready for use on the battlefield
within five years.

The armored vehicles will use a technology known as “e-camouflage” that
would let images on the vehicle’s hull change to match their
environment, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

Sophisticated electronic sensors attached the tank’s hull would project
images of the surrounding environment back on the outside of the
vehicle, helping it blend into the landscape and evade attack, the
report said.

Until recently such ideas were thought to be the stuff of science
fiction, but scientists at the British defense company BAE Systems now
think near invisibility will soon become reality.

BAE scientists are also looking at other battlefield innovations to increase troop protection while making vehicles more lethal.

Scientists at BAE are said to be close to developing a form of
transparent armor — much tougher than bullet-proof glass — which could
be used in turrets on the sides of armored vehicles to improve

A technology called “biometric integration” uses advanced computer
programs to analyze crowds and search for potential threats by analyzing
suspicious behavior in groups or individuals, the newspaper said.