Chinese J-911C Fighter Aircraft Project

Source: Chinese Thunder Dragon Magazine:

J-911C “game birds are” as the author designed a
multi-mission land-based fighter aircraft program. It uses standard
full-motion no tail x aerodynamic winglets. Head and the edge of the
smooth transition back gradually blended wing body with no apparent
boundaries of the fuselage and wings.

The wing-body fusion of the body designed to maximize interior space and
increase the availability of additional lift. Inlet tanks at the task
in front of the nose. This structure can reduce the size of the task of
enormous tanks of resistance, but also conducive to high angle of attack
when the intake efficiency. Cabin set in a high position, increasing
the driver’s field of view in favor. Nozzle with all the vector control.

“Game bird person” within the main wing with a motorized fan to provide
vertical thrust, and its diameter of 7.6 meters. Vertical takeoff and
landing, and maneuvering for the increase in lift. The following are
tasks the fan compartment, the large space with 15-21 cubic meters of

Task is two sides of the engine compartment, outside the main landing
gear in the engine, placed in the inlet to move away next. Landing gear
installed in the inlet before the lower, back away. In the tail with
short-range defense / attack systems for close combat and intercept
incoming missiles. The following will be introduced one by one “game
bird who” of the performance characteristics. 

First, the ultra-mobility.

full motion full pneumatic small wing lifting surface is divided into
the wing, stabilizer and control surfaces. Fighter aircraft, including
large aircraft, the horizontal tail design for the whole move is to
increase the torque control aircraft pitch. The greater the control
surfaces that control the aircraft the greater the torque, the
aircraft’s response is the sooner. So speaking from a position in a
certain range of the aircraft control surface center of gravity farther
away from the larger control torque.

According to this theory, we separate the role of wing press, the
lifting surface design in a separate location near the aircraft center
of gravity, and then integrated control surface and the stabilizer,
placed as far away from the aircraft center of gravity. A pair of front
wing and rear wing arrangement of a pair of the four corners of the
aircraft center of gravity, the formation of x-type. This is a small
wing X full motion. Obviously, in terms of pitch or roll to do action, X
layout can provide maximum torque.

Nozzle to vector the whole “game birds are” full-vector nozzle to
provide thrust towards the control of six directions, up and down in
about two deflection of four under the deflector, the maximum angle of
about 30 each vector degrees, 90 degrees up and down 95 degrees. 95
degrees down to hover in order to control the attitude and design. Do up
and down the convergence deflector four movements, for adaptation to
the size of the engine jet flow. In connection with the engine nozzle
with lead shot into the upper and lower air intake, the role of two

First, the argument can be used as nozzle fired into the air intake to increase traffic and reduce the wake temperature.

Followed by four in the upper and lower guide plate is turned off
completely when the jet engine exhaust will be forced from the opening
two long bar in front of discharge syncline, which is the inverse

Second, the low visibility.

Shape only by stealth and radar absorbing coating is not enough to
reduce the RCS value. Here the low visibility of the “see” I think the
meaning should be found, and should not simply refer to the radar
visibility. It should be a factor in all the general term that can be

Non-wing control “game bird who” in the cruise can be more effective in
reducing RCS values, because then only the use of vector control
aircraft attitude can nozzle. This will avoid the control surface in the
shape of turning invisible when the damage.

The concept of stealth combat aircraft, although some can be invisible
but only a stealth cruise, in its state into the fighting will
temporarily lose stealth. The “game birds were” due to the inlet wall
and the wing root to install a plasma generator, it’s control surfaces
in the large angle rotation can still maintain a low RCS state.

The concept of stealth attack stealth aircraft missiles in combat must
be extended so that the guide head lock EVA target, open the bomb bay
would increase the RCS values. The “game bird who” have a “cabin launch”
capability. Missiles can be projected out from the inlet until the
missiles start flying after the collapse EVA Wings re-ignition. In fact,
conventional pylons have similar institutions, but it is sent down
force, but also smaller forces.

Infrared Infrared Stealth aircraft is the largest local characteristics
of the end of nozzle, but it is not impossible infrared feature. “Game
bird who” in addition to reduced use of ejector wake temperature,
because of its inlet attached to the inner wall of the plasma layer will
be inhaled by the engine outer bypass discharge. Plasma is also for
reducing the visibility of certain infrared effect. At this point the
plasma discharge by the nozzle wake wrapped in the peripheral
temperature, without reducing the efficiency of the case of jet greatly
reduced infrared signature.

Third, the vertical mobility.

“Game bird who” installed in the main wing through the vertical fan and
the downward deflection of nozzle for its ability to provide vertical
takeoff and landing. This makes him, in most cases the same, like a
helicopter taking off and landing in the field of flat ground.

Fourth, super fighting skills.

The key to the traditional fighting, in the shortest possible time,
opponents point to the head and then opened fire. “Game bird who”
completely break the pattern, even if do not do the same maneuver can be
done any fighting. This depends on the off-axis attack. And this
off-axis attack, but also is based on its short-range laser defense /
attack systems.

The concept of off-axis attack: “Scorpion” Laser short-range defense /
attack system. Off-axis against the axis of the aircraft is outside the
attacks. Do in the body posture changes relative to turn their weapons
goals. Have this capability, the aircraft will not have the mobility of
fighting ability, mobility aircraft even more powerful. In the “game
bird who” of the rear fuselage with a laser short-range defense / attack
system, back out the caudal is the execution platform. The system has
three functions: short-range defense, short-range attacks and view aim.
Caudal vertebrae can rotate 90 degrees up or down, and its execution
platform does not rotate when the angle of attack is greater than after
the hemisphere, so that we can do almost no dead ends.

Fifth, the task module concept.

In the implementation of different tasks, different tasks through the
unit to re-mount configuration tasks module. “Game bird person,”
according to mission requirements, is converted to different purposes.
Or focus on a variety of tasks to complete the flight.

Although the “game bird who” in the post-mounted unit can not achieve
the task-specific type of combat effectiveness, but it can greatly
enhance their battlefield use of the versatility and convenience. “Game
bird who” of the task space can be fully opened down, ground personnel
to facilitate their internal operations.

Also in the firing anti-ship missiles, because missiles are too large to
open the side door, throwing missiles fired after the ignition.