Chinese PLAN Latest Type 041Class Yuan Diesel-Electric Submarines SSK

Although not nearly as “shocking” as the recent photo release of the
PLAAF’s J-20 stealth fighter, the first definitive photos of the latest
Type 041 (NATO designation: Yuan) class diesel-powered submarines (SSK)
nevertheless shed light on another critical asset of the PLA’s
modernization efforts.

While the exact new features of these 2
SSKs remain predictably shrouded in secrecy, some PLA enthusiasts have
speculated that the new SSKs will include new sonar and surveillance
systems, some have even speculated that the newest models will be
capable of vertically launching cruise missiles from their lengthened
sails – the most noticeable new feature of the latest 2 Yuan Class SSKs
being constructed in Wuhan. It is also widely believed that the Yuan
Class SSKs include air-independent propulsion systems on board (as
subtly implied by a PLA Daily article dated 23 Oct 2009), allowing for
quieter patrols of longer endurance.

  • Chung Qi

    Before inventing deadly weapon to kill people, China should invent something better to serve mankind for peaceful purpose. China should learn from Japan.

  • Anonymous

    Learn from Japan? lol

    I see you are trying to be funny.

  • Anonymous

    Learning peace from Japan is like learning abstinence from a serial rapist.

  • Takahashi

    Chinese communists are so dumb that they can't learn from anybody.

  • Anonymous

    Chinese communist are so dumb that they are growing both militarily and economically despite the useless embargo that is set upon them? Look how dumb Japan is, not only are they weak and America dependent. They also swap politicians asif they were fashion accessories.