DRDO Says Development of Improved Indian Arjun Complete

India’s state-owned Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
claims that it has completed upgrades on the Arjun tank, replacing
existing German engines and transmission systems with homemade systems.

The Mark-II Arjun will incorporate up to 90 percent of indigenous
content, compared with 58 percent in the current model, a DRDO scientist
said, and should be ready for induction by 2014.

The Mark-II also will feature superior missile-firing capabilities, the scientist added.

 Conceived in 1973, the Arjun tank was behind schedule by more than 15
years, resulting in the Indian Army choosing the Russian T-90 tank as
its main battle tank. The Arjun had to go through a series of trials and
retrials before the Army announced the tank fit for duty. Last year,
the Arjun Mark-I had to be put on comparative trials against the Russian
T-90, after which the Indian Army finally concluded that the Arjun tank
performed to expectations.

Earlier, the Arjun faced problems concerning its fire control system and suspension, and its weight-restricted mobility.

Last year, the Indian Army ordered an additional 124 tanks, bringing the total to 248.