Russia Has Offered To Equip The Indian Su-30MKI Fighter Aircraft With AESA Radar

Russia has offered to equip the Indian Su-30MKI aircraft with the
electronically scanned array radar to bring them on par with the most
modern fighter aircraft in the world. Currently the technical
configuration of the upgraded aircraft with onboard AESA radar is being
discussed by Russian and Indian experts. The upgraded aircraft could be
equipped with perspective Russian or foreign-made weapon, including
Indo-Russian “BrahMos” anti-ship missiles.
An Irkut statement said at
Aero India 2011 A multirole Su-30MKI aircraft which became a sort of
symbol of the IRKUT Corporation deserves an honourable place in the
exposition of the company. 
Fighter developed by JSC
“Sukhoi Design Bureau” on demand of the Indian Air Force are
mass-manufactured at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The IRKUT Corporation
delivers to India ready-made Su-30MKI fighters as well as Su-30MKI
technical kits for license production by India’s Hindustan Aeronautics
Ltd Corporation.