Tejas Fighters Will Be Raised In Bangalore.

The first squadron of the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas will be raised in Bangalore.

The Aircraft and System Testing Establishment (ASTE) will conduct a series of tests before the aircraft is inducted into the Indian Air Force.
Commandant of the ASTE, Air Commodore BR Krishna said that two pilots have been identified by the Bangalore-based flight testing establishment for carrying out extensive tests.

The first squadron of LCA will be named Squadron 45. The squadron comprising 20 aircraft will be known as Flying Daggers and will later be moved to the Sulur Air Base near Coimbatore.


Anonymous said...

Bangalore is not an FOB of IAF, it has no strategic importance for India vis a vis china or pak. This means alot however what this basically means is that IAF has no confidence in LCA and is not ready to deploy it along side an FOB cuz that would be too great a risk considering the fragile platform and its capacity to actually fly for a conflict. Tejas just failed its envisioned so called objective. too bad.

Anonymous said...

well mr they are damn confident about the machine but they have stationed it close to hal fecilities to control any problem afterall they are gonna replace mig 21 they wont take a chance
and about the goal it is fulfilling indian objectives ,few prob. would be eliminated in mk2 thank uuuu

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