Turkey’s Air-launched Cruise Missile Almost Ready

Turkey’s Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, has
awarded TUBITAK-SAGE a major contract for the development of Turkey’s
first medium range high precision cruise missile program.
TUBITAK-SAGE has been working on the new-generation indigenous cruise
missile since 2006.
This new
crusine missile, name still unknown, is now nearing the end of its
development stage and is expected to make its initial debut in Turkey’s
largest defence and aerospace fair IDEF 2011, taking place between May
10 and 13.
The cruise missile is designed for air-lunch from
Turkey’s upgraded F-4 2020 Terminator aircraft and have a range of over
150 kilometers. Guidance will be provided by GPS and on-board INS, while
terminal-stage homing will be accomplished with an advanced
Aselsan-built infrared imaging kit for increased precision. 
Roketsan is known to be manufacturing the engine assembly in
cooperation with TEI, a number of actuators, as well as the warhead of
the missile.