DRDO Official Sees Good Export Potential For Tejas Fighter Jets

DRDO said there could be a good export market for Tejas, the country's first indigenously built supersonic fighter aircraft, if the Centre okayed it.

Speaking to The Hindu recently, he said the
DRDO had already received enquiries for Tejas from various countries.

The plane was given Initial Operating Clearance (IOC) only recently by Defence Minister A. K. Antony. The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) was the star attraction at the recently conducted Aero India air show in Bangalore, in which 45 countries took part.

Saying India was among very few countries in the world capable of producing fighter planes, Mr. Selvamurthy said that third world countries, developing countries and even some of the developed countries were markets for Tejas.

Since the production cost, research and development cost of the Tejas was relatively low compared to the other fighter aircraft, India could sell the Tejas at a lower price.

Since the production models were doing extremely well, there wouldn't be any problem in obtaining Final Operating Clearance (FCA) for the fighter aircraft, he said.

In line with the requirements of the Indian Air Force, the process of fine tuning Tejas, including flight envelope, flight manoeuvrability, payload integration and other issues have been taken up.

The fighter plane is expected to get the Final Operating Clearance in the first quarter of 2012, the official said.

Production completed

Mr. Selvamurthy said out of 40 Tejas aircraft ordered by the Indian Air Force (IAF), the Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) had already completed production of 10. It had already been figured in the inventory of IAF. Another 20 aircraft would be completed after the Final Operating Clearance is given.

It is expected that an order might be received for a large number of aircraft in 2012. HAL had also geared up its capacity building facilities, including assembly line and others.

It planned to increase the capacity to increase the number of aircrafts built in a year to meet the growing demand.

The distinguished scientist said the cost of aircraft, which stood around Rs.130 crore, was expected to come down once the HAL started large-scale production of Tejas.

The country had been placed in comfortable position as far as Tejas was concerned as it was not depended upon anybody for lifecycle support, maintenance cost and others because of the indigenous technology. 


Anonymous said...

Lol, You made my day

sunil gupta said...

I don'nt know when we will understand that russia will never help in developing fighter jets engines for india.Russian has number of companies who makes fighter engines you will be surprised that nobody came forward to help india although they are sabbotaging the kaveri engines progress because they know that one's the engines is ready india will never buy thier aircraft what ever spare parts it is importing from them and they are making good money out of that will not happen.it will face out those MIG's aircraft very soon.India know should use the Kaveri engines in some Mig airframe at HAL.Russia got angry when india opted for global tender for MRCA,You can see that istead of helping india in making the fighter engines it is delaying it.India is the no 1 importer of russian millitary hardware but istead they are helping china because they are still coummnist by heart.Where as China is concerned it is stealing the russian millitary hardware technology but inspite of that russia is not taking any action.On the other hand russia is dictating india.I think time has come to go Chineese way otherwise it will be too late for us.We can copy the mig 25 engines at any cost it has 145 KN power.Where as crystel blate technology is concerned please cut the blade and send it the various private and govt laboratry with the weight test specification you will surprise that you will get crystel blade technology very soon.but it should under strict time limitation.It should not be like govt way but in fully professional way.

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