Indian Lakshya-2 Target Drone Performs Low-Altitude Tests

India has conducted low-altitude trials with its developmental Lakshya-2
target drone, with the aircraft performing high-g manoeuvres at
altitudes as low as 82ft (25m).

On a test conducted on 20 December 2010, the drone flew 5.4nm (10km) at
an altitude of 82ft, with an average altitude deviation of less than
3ft, says India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation.
On 23 December it flew the system for 10.8nm at an altitude of 490ft towing a target that was flown at a height of 164ft.

The tests had four objectives. The first was to assess the Lakshya-2’s
flight-control system and ability to use autonomous waypoint navigation
with GPS updates. They also looked at its ability to fly programmed
low-altitude flights in both clean and tow body configurations, and to
perform high-g manoeuvres in both regimes.

The process also assessed the deployment of the Lakyshya-2 on its mobile
launcher, and introduced new features in its ground control station.
The DRDO says it is working with India’s armed forces for a limited
series production order, and also speaking with industry partners about
the programme.