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Indian Su-30mKI To Get AESA Radar Under Super- 30 Modernization project

HAL will start modernization of last batch of 40 Sukhoi Su 30MKI under
“Super -30” Project from 2012. Russian and Indian Specialist are still
working on technical performance, under this Project Indian government
will be allocating close to US$2.4 billion for Deep Modernization for all the Sukhoi Su30 MKI fleet currently but
these upgrades will be carried out only on newly built Su-30, which will
be last batch of Su-30 to join IAF.
This first 40 aircrafts will
also get, strengthening of air frame to enable them to carry near 2.5
tonne, Air launched version of Brahmos , Indian air force have already
provided two Su-30MKI aircrafts in 2010 to carry out such modification
to the airframe and Air launch variant is also ready only integration
with airframe is left . Under “Super -30” Project, Su 30MKI will get
Russian Phazotron Zhuk-AE Active Electronically Scanned Array AESA
radars along with new onboard mission computers, electronic warfare
systems and new Russian BVR Missiles rumored to be Novator K-100 missile
also known has “AWCS Killer ” and also India’s own Astra BVR Missile. 
Current batches of Su -30 which HAL has been manufacturing are from
MKI-3 variants which are further improvement over earlier batches, and
“Super -30” upgrades will be carried out in batch wise and older lot of
MKI-1 will be covered first. After initial 40 plus aircrafts, older
aircrafts will not be receiving any airframe modification to carry Air
launched variant of Brahmos, so Brahmos air variant will limited to
certain number airframes of MKI fleet only and not all, but all other
aircraft fleet of Sukhoi 30 in Indian air force will be able to carry
DRDO developed Sub-sonic Cruise Missile “Nirbhay” and other newly
developed BVR missiles.