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Indian Tiruchi Ordnance Factory Develops New Assault Rifle Like AK-47

The Tiruchi Ordnance Factory  has Designed and Developed an indigenous assault rifle matching the specifications of the AK47.

“When put into use by our armed forces and other security agencies, the
rifle will be recognized as pride of India. It has been indigenously
developed and has all the features of AK-47,” said A K Prabhakar, 
general manager, in an interaction with reporters on the sidelines of
OFT Day celebrations. OFT, one among 41 such factories in the country,
was established 45 years ago on the outskirts of the city.

mark the contribution of the Tiruchi factory in developing the rifle,
officials have decided to christen it “Trichy Assault Rifle,” Prabhakar
said. Field trials have been done for the 7.62mm caliber rifle with a
range of 400 metres. “The rifle has been successfully tried by the Indian Army,” Prabhakar said. It features a foldable butt and boasts of night vision device besides telescopic day vision system. 

OFT has also developed a hand-held multi-shell launcher. The weapon of
38mm calibre with a range of 400 metres could fire six shells at a time.
It could be used for firing grenades and tear gas shells.

Prabhakar said this was the first time that OFT was coming out with an
“internal security weapon”, or a riot control device in common parlance.
“One batch of the device has been supplied to CRPF and many states have
evinced interest in buying it for their police force,” he said.

Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project (HAAP), another ordnance unit and the
only one in the country to produce anti-tank projectiles, has also
received overwhelming response for its indigenous anti-submarine

HAPP general manager B Pugazhendi said the Indian navy
had placed bulk orders for the six-kilometre range anti-submarine
rockets named RGB 60 developed by HAPP.

HAPP had dispatched 12
units of RGB 12, another version of the anti-submarine rockets, to the
Navy last year. “With inhouse research and development efforts, HAPP has
also developed 120mm caliber and 125mm calibre MK-II anti-tank
projectiles,” Pugazhendi said.

HAPP has chalked out a
modernization plan for enhancing the production of MK-II projectiles.
“Very soon, the blueprint for modernization will be submitted to the
ordnance factory board that will in turn forward it to defence ministry
for clearance,” he said.