Iran Has Tested Prototype Of Its First Domestically-Built Stealth Fighter

An Iranian air force commander said Sunday that Iran has successfully tested the prototype of its first domestically-built stealth fighter, the English-language satellite Press TV reported.

The plane, due to its physical attributes and the material used in its body, cannot be detected by any rada r," Brigadier General Aziz Nasirzadeh, the force's coordination deputy, was quoted as saying.

Nasirzadeh said data from the test flight was favorable and the air force will move forward with its plans to produce
the plane called Sofreh Mahi, which means Manta Ray, the report said.

However, he said that the production process will not be rushed as such complex systems need thorough analysis and exhaustive testing.

According to Press TV, Iran on Wednesday successfully test- fired a satellite rocket and unveiled three new satellites and a satellite carrier to mark the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution. 



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