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NEW Chinese Vertical/Short TakeOff And Landing Fighter J-18

Another rumor circulated on the Internet recently involving the alleged
J-18, China’s first warplane with vertical/short takeoff and landing

Earlier this month, citing a report by Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper,
Phoenix Television said the J-18 had completed a test flight at a field
base in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The report said the wings of the jet, similar to Russia’s Su-33, a
carrier-based multi-role fighter, could be folded, and suspected that it
would be installed on China’s future aircraft carrier.

The report came at the same time as foreign media speculated that
China’s first aircraft carrier, a modification of the Varyag bought from
Ukraine, would take to the oceans in July. The Chinese military has
denied such reports.

Ding Zhiyong, a spokesperson at the AVIC, told the Global Times on
Monday that the Japanese report of the alleged J-18 was pure speculation
and that the corporation had no information to reveal.

Li Daguang, a professor specializing in military strategy at the
National Defense University, told the Global Times earlier that even if
the rumored carrier were true, the vessel would only be used for

  • Anonymous

    Is the photo real? I doubt.

  • Anonymous

    If the rumors are true then wow, another underestimation of Chinese industry and technology. It seems that their rate of accumulating know how is more rapid that most suspected. It will be a very interesting future for the global balance of power if this keeps up.

  • Anonymous

    Wow what an amazing plane. Oh now I recognize it. It's the F-35 in Ft. Worth. Why do I know this it's because I work in the building behind the plane in the picture

  • Anonymous

    China does not use that kind of structural material for similar buildings.