Pakistan Military Exercises 2011 Held in Khudai Ranges

Pakistan army conducted successful war exercises in the Khudai range
near Muzzafargarh. Large scale use of tanks, artilleries and other
weapons was made in the exercises. At the occasion, Corps Commander
Multan Lieutenant General Shafqat Ahmad said the army was required to
remain alert to face challenges at the country’s eastern border, and to
operate against terrorism. He said the armed forces of Pakistan were
capable enough to guard the country’s frontiers. Ahmad also visited the
semi-desert Khudai Ranges near Muzzaffargarh and witnessed exercises
conducted by armour, infantry and artillery troops. 
The corps commander
also reiterated that Multan troops played a significant role in
“Operation Labbaik”, which ensured appropriate rescue and rehabilitation
of displaced persons from Southern Punjab. “Along with these
activities, troops are also engaged in their training activities without
compromising professional standards, which is the hallmark of Pakistan
Army,” the corps commander added.