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China Agree To Give J-20/FC-20 5th Generation Stealth Fighter to Pakistan

China agree to give J-20/FC-20 5th Generation Stealth Fighter to Pakistan" Ahmad Mukhtar Pakistani Defence Minister Said after returning from China.

The J-20 is a single-seat, twin-engine aircraft, bigger and heavier than the Sukhoi T-50 and the F-22. Comparison with ground-service vehicles points to an overall length of 75 ft. and a wingspan of 45 ft. or more, which would suggest a takeoff weight in the 75,000-80,000-lb. class with no external load. That in turn implies a generous internal fuel capacity. The overall length is close to that of the 1960s General Dynamics F-111, which carries 34,000 lb. of fuel. 

The J-20 has a canard delta layout (like Chengdu’s J-10) with two canted, all-moving vertical stabilizers (like the T-50) and smaller canted ventral fins. The stealth body shaping is similar to that of the F-22. The flat body sides are aligned with the canted tails, the wing-body junction is clean, and there is a sharp chine line around the forward fuselage. The cant angles are greater than they are on the Lockheed Martin F-35, and the frameless canopy is similar to that of the F-22. 

The engines are most likely members of the Russian Saturn AL-31F family, also used on the J-10. The production version will require yet-to-mature indigenous engines. The inlets use diverterless supersonic inlet (DSI) technology, first adopted for the F-35 but also used by Chengdu on the J-10B—the newest version of the J-10—and the Sino-Pakistani JF-17 Thunder.


Anonymous said...

china is not offering j-20 , its offering fc-20 which is an export version of j-10b, if have no knowledge please dont misguide fans of Asian Defense News

Anonymous said..., besides china wont be having stealth fully ready by 2017 , work is still in progress ..

Anonymous said...

FC-20 (J-10B) deal was signed sometimes ago, probably include 36 planes. There is a possibility that China offer J-20 (Stealth twin engine) aircraft to Pakistan.

Lots of changes are expected in near future..!

Anonymous said...

Pakistan wont buy twin engines in its fleet as its very costly to maintain , it can hope for a new single engine stealth fighter .. offering doesnt mean we would buy it .. beside there is alot to be done to finish stealth technology ..

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