Indian Foot-Prints Emerging On PNS Mehran Naval Base Attack

The Footprints of circumstantial evidence
regarding the terrorist attack on the Mehran base clearly show the
involvement of Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing
(RAW). Senior intelligence sources told The News that this was a joint
venture, accomplished by RAW certainly with the consent of CIA and a
group of al-Qaeda who are being used by the anti-Pakistan lobby.

“Even at this very initial stage, the agencies engaged in the
investigation of the attack have got hold of some concrete indications
to prove the involvement of foreign hand in the debacle,” one source
said. He said that it could easily be calculated who was the prime
beneficiary of the shattering strike.

“The militants attacked the base and mainly targeted the P-3C Orion
aircraft as they had instructions to destroy them,” he said, adding that
it was on record that India had opposed the US provision of these
aircraft to Pakistan.

Another source said that the only major beneficiary of the annihilation
of these planes was India as Pakistan has been deprived of one of its
major assets. “It cannot be ascertained yet at this early stage whether
Indian commandos were included in the attack squad or the terrorists
were Chechens or Afghan activists of al-Qaeda,” the source said.
“However, intelligence agencies have enough information that a group of
al-Qaeda and Taliban got training in a base camp of RAW in Afghanistan
from the Indian forces.”

The source said that the agencies had informed the government about the
joint activities of al-Qaeda and Indian forces in the base camp. It will
be established soon that the plan of the attack was prepared in the RAW
base camp in Afghanistan, he said.

Dr Usman, one of the GHQ attackers, who was arrested during the counter
operation, had disclosed during the investigation about his links with
the Indian camp, the source said.

On October 10, 2009, terrorists had attacked the Pakistan Army’s General
Headquarters in Rawalpindi in a similar fashion, taking 42 people
hostage, including several military officers. By the end of the day-long
ordeal, nine gunmen, 11 soldiers and three hostages were dead. The
attackers had their own communication system with separate frequency
through which they were interlinked with each other, the source said.

Why the attack group fought a pitched battle for 16 hours against the
commandos and Rangers, the source said there were standing instructions
for the personnel engaged in the operation to arrest at least one of the
attackers alive. However, as the Pakistani forces trapped the
attackers, they blew themselves up or shot themselves.” “They attackers
were four in number, not six,” the source said and added that it was a
wrong perception that two militants managed to escape from the airbase
compound. He said that the compound was securely cordoned off.

  • Anonymous

    This is a flase. Why would Islam/Muslim help India?

  • funny ,any bad things happening to pakistan,,,and u guys blame india without evidence,man ur pakistanis like kasab murdered indian civilians in the mumbai attack 26/11,,,,and moreover,why would we attack ur old second hand p-3c orions when we are getting newest p-8a poseidons,,grow up,,friends,,days of enmity are over,,we have a new threat the terrorists'''moreover even americans are a threat to both nations,,these yankees are capitalising on our enmity,,,,,so please give us indians a break,,,we are a soft nation ,HAD WE BEEN REALLY BAD WE WOULD HAVE DESTROYED U GUYS BY NOW,,SO BE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES

  • Anonymous

    Whoever wrote this piece along with the other piece that claims "U.S. and Pakistan are near war" is a total idiot, if not a lunatic. Just the allegation alone is so stupid and totally baseless. India has no qualm in wasting its time doing the silly attack when it was Pakistan that couldn't even protect its own naval base. And… if the U.S. wanted to go to war with Pakistan, it won't be worth it. Nobody wanted to put that many people on welfare… and then end up being a backstabber.

  • Anonymous

    Hear we go again, the incompetence of the Pakistan forces are on display again.
    And we are blaming some else for our failure.
    The so called army can’t fight bunch illiterate beardy thugs in its own country, and has a gall to tell the nation, it is prepared for all invents.
    One day they we walk in to the safe house and take all the nukes too.
    The army is too fat and lazy do anything, but boast.
    I think the ISI has created these S.O.B, s let the ISI, ELEMINATE THEM, and then eliminate ISI, AND ALL THE POLITATION. So let sum up in a phrase.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    It's really simple. Just read the comment by "anonymous" at 2:45 and everyone would know just what kind of mentality is fostering in Pakistan. Pakistan is really a failed state when the world's top terrorist is living right next door to the so-called "prestigious" military institution. Pakistan is truly a failed state when right after 9/11/2001 as the hunt for Osama bin Laden was on it got on its knees begging the Americans not to bomb Pakistan to oblivion for creating and supporting the Taliban. Pakistan became a nation of crooks and liars when it openly support the Coalition effort in Afghanistan, taking in more than USD 20 billions of U.S. aid, while sheltering the top leaders of the very group of thugs they were supposed to go after.

  • Anonymous

    oh my god!!!! anonymous 6:10 ………. sensitive!!! dude u should get on some blogs and u will really get the true sense at what level are indians at!!!!lolzzzzz
    secondly if u have no idea on anything please keep ur mouth shut!!!! as i will point out
    1. 20billion $ aid wrong it was reimbursement of the services rendered!!! look at the nations getting american aid they are not even doing 5% of what we are accomplishing!!!
    2. about begging not bombing Pakistan!!! dude u r a loser,,,,, we elimindated india from the scene!!! yes we became the front line state but ur ambition was to align with america and beat Pakistan coz u cant do anything on your own… take out afghanistan as well coz they were being directed to Kashmir!!!! we nulified your move!!! now the americans cant win without us and on the same time we made our weapon systems we aligned with china!!! now we are on top of the game……. Americans need us more that we need them also India can never replace Pakistan as a reginal player!!!!!
    about the sheltering…..buddy start reading intelligence books….. coz the best place to hide is where no one expects u to be!!! as far as we are concerned osama was never are priority as u r just those people who just read blogs and have no first hand info!!!! ask general mullen what reply he got from a a brig in NDU islamabad about priorities!!! as the anonymous 2:45 said keep rubbing ur dicks together GAY hind!!!!
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  • Anonymous

    Typical Pakistani! Open mouth, insert foot. The more you try to excuse the pathetic situation in Pakistan, the more uneducated you appear.

    Right after 9/11, Pres. Bush gave you a choice: "Either you're with us or against us." The U.S. was ready to do whatever it would take -including bombing their way through Pakistan- to get to the Taliban and OBL. The superpower needs nobody.

    It makes sense that you are constantly talking about rubbing dicks. It seems that's all you guys do over in Islamabad while hiding Osama bin Laden.

  • Any evidence that has been presented?

    I read in the newspaper that Al Qaeda terrorists were arrested.

  • Anonymous

    Porkis, no more barking, everything revealed to the world as pak as a big threat to the world security…No more face saving will work now..

    your general musharaff admitted pakistan has used and is using terrorists to accomplish its wishes and you called him a fugitive for revealing all and is wandering country by country.

    What a shame than this..a president of a country saying this….What world want than this..

    Those terrorists that you gave food and milk for attacking india are backstabbing you now…

    …Dont try to create a Paki-Quran for the world

  • Anonymous

    Whenever Indians and Pakistanis fight it always seems like schoolkids brawl. Grow up people…India and Pakistan have to live side by side whether we like it or not. We should not encourage terrorism (both India and Pakistan have been using extremist forces…and both have and still are paying the price, afterall it will be foolish on our part if we think mad dogs won't bite us if we feed them).