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JF-17 Thunder–FC-1 Project A Flagship of China-Pakistan Friendship

The FC-1 Xiaolong fighter jets, which are jointly developed by China and
Pakistan, are seen by many as a symbol of the China-Pakistan

CRI reporters have visited the assembly plant in Pakistan where the jets
are being produced and had a firsthand look at the joint project.

The FC-1 Xiaolong fighter jets are known as GF-17 Thunder in Pakistan.

They are assembled at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, or PAC in
Kamra, the world’s seventh largest fighter jets assembly plant.

Air Vice Marshal Arshad Khan is the Managing Director of Kamra Avionics & Radar Factory at the PAC.

He says the success of this project lays in the willingness of Chinese
original equipment manufacturer to transfer its know-how to the
Pakistani side.

“When we talk about the technology transfer, it is a model that the
Chinese are helping us, transfer the Know-how that they have and to
reduce the cost and have a real participation. So it is a good
flexibility to help us to develop our aviation industry and benefit from
the previous existing development project.”

He says Pakistan hopes the technology transfer will be completed by next year.

35 Chinese engineers are in the PAC to train Pakistani workers and providing technical assistance.

Gao Yan is the Chief Representative in Pakistan from China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporatioin.

“The process of the production of FC-1 Xiaolong fighter is smooth,
though there are still some small problems, Pakistani workers can manage
the skills and learned very fast. It is not easy for a country without
aeronautics infrastructures to build planes, however under the
collaboration between experts and companies from both countries, we
overcame difficulties and the current production is good. “

Meanwhile, local media reported that Pakistan hopes to receive 50 more Xiaolong fighter jets within the next six months.

The Kamra Aeronautical Complex says the new deal is part of the program to replace the old equipment.

Air Commodore Nudrat Kazmi is the Managing Director of Aircraft Manufacturing Factory in PAC.

“Basically, the new deal has been signed because of the requirements
which has been generated by the Pakistan Air Force. The Pakistan air
force has gone through a transition period, which the old equipment are
being phased out and new equipment are being inducted. This fifty craft
are part of that transitional phase. And therefore, it is part of that
particular program.”

The Pakistan Air Force officially inducted its first FC-1 Xiaolong squadron last year.

  • Anonymous

    Another piece of crap sold by China, but so gratefully accepted by Pakistan. Nobody else would want to fly this coffin, not even the Chinese airforce. The Chinese are master salesmen and the Pakistanis are happy idiots because they think quantity matters.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are more idiot and crap than anything else. Before you post here some crap comments you need to get some knowledge about JF-17 thunder project.

    You don't know the history of the JF-17 thunder that how this project started at the first place.

    Its not completely built by the china. Pakistan Air force have more experience than China Air Force as Pakistan Air force had fleet of French Mirage, American F-16, Russina mig 21 and with experience of different type of figter jets Pakistan has a lot of input in this project. PAF helped china to built these indigenius Multi role fighter jets according its own needs.

    You need to read experts comments regarding this project then post comments.