Russia Experts Says Russia Could Sell Mig-35 Fighter Jets To Pakistan

According to the Russian International Information Telegraph Agency  refuses regarding India to purchase the Mig - 35 fighter plane incidents, Russia strategy and technical analysis center assistant director Constantine□Markey extended the branch saying.

Russia should let the Indian Air force undertake the consequence for own decision. In the Moscow tradition to maintains the restraint to the Pakistani sell weapon, but refuses in India to purchase under the Mig - 35 new situations, should carefully examine this policy.

He believed that the Pakistani Air force possibly while purchases Chinese and American fighter plane's also purchases Mig - 35.


Anonymous said...

how much this report is credible is evident from the "language skills" used in it. whiskey does has its effects.

Anonymous said...

I think Russia should sell Mig-35 to Pakistan. It`s another market for them. Why should India dictate to the Russian who they can sell to.

Sudeep said...

If Russia wants it already dwindling defense sales to go kaput then it should certainly do so.
Secondly there is the cost factor too Chinese sell their JF-17 at dirt cheap prices with very easy credit for Pakistan, can MIG corporation afford to do that.
Lastly there is the question of infrastructure,Pakistan has no infrastructure or experience of Russian Technology, it will have to build it up from ground up and invest heavily in training its pilots on Mig-35
Fourthly Novice Mig user(Pakistani Pilot) on Mig 35 vs old dog(IAF Pilot) on Mig-29UPG, where will you put your money??

Tejas said...

This guy has the point. India's restraints against Islamabad hold only if they continue to support Russian arms industry the way they used to.
Apart from being too early to quote, he appears to have bypassed due introspection over reasons that made India to go for this extreme step.

Anonymous said...

I am pilot in IAF i must tell u that mig 35 will use RD 33MK and jf 17 will use RD 93 a single engine fighter engine,so for two squd of jf 17 have been active in pakistan,so engine look after is not problem.And a piliot with 500 flying hrs is able to learn any plane in days flying is same but avionics control have different lociation so if they induct mig 35 it will make a mess for us.

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