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US Army Receives First THAAD Missiles System

US Army has received the first two Terminal High Altitude Area Defence
Missiles from Lockheed Martin, US Army officials announced Thursday.

The THAAD missile is a US Army missile system designed to intercept and
destroy short, medium and intermediate ballistic missiles.

“Our new mission to receive, store and ship THAADs is a great example of
how the team here at ADMC can work with our customers to provide
outstanding and unique munitions services to ensure ADMC remains a
valuable asset to the war-fighter,” ADMC Commander Lt. Col. Randall
DeLong said.

The missile uses kinetic energy to destroy its target, meaning it does
not carry a warhead like traditional missiles, but makes a direct hit
and destroys the enemy missile.

ADMC will be responsible for maintaining, shipping and escorting the missiles to their destination.

The two missiles have arrived at Anniston Defence Munitions Center of
the US Army and will be there until the need arises to ship them to the