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Chinese New Global Hawk Like UAV WuZhen-2000B

 WuZhen-2000B is a unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) multi-purpose attack UCAV developed by Guizhou Aviation Industry Group (GAIC).

The UAV is powered by a single WS-11 turbofan engine which sits on top of the empennage between the two V-shaped tail fins. The fins are canted at approximately 40°. The sensor package includes thermal imaging camera, synthetic aperture radar, with images transmitted via a satellite communications antenna in the nose bulge.

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    How much you guys can copy US technology. I mean is there anything which can be termed original in China.

    I have a feeling that if tomorrow US stops making any technological advancements, China too would shut its shop because then they wouldn't have anything to copy from!!!

  • Oh, Great China, you did it..!!! Good Good Good we Pakistani r proud of you. excellent, carry on & make your products more innovative to compete American technology. China you are the POTENTIAL SUPERPOWER of 2020. Pak-China friendship Zindabad. Chinese Engineers/experts are second to none.

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    if i may correct IAI industry of Israel and USA both share technology and create drones , its not only USA .. Pakistan And China Zindabad..

  • Anonymous

    It's ugly and stupid looking, just like the J-20. A Global-Hawk "like" UAV is not a real Global Hawk, which is a beautiful piece of advanced technology. Pakistan is being used by China to help fund their military industry because noone else in the world would buy their crappy stuffs.

  • Anonymous

    Pakistan itself dont know what are China's interests in Pak…ha ha ha ..First US used pak very much and now china is also coming to use it..

  • yaa….these paki kids are having so much fun hearing china updates. They are jumping and roaring in joy like monkeys thinking they get everything china produces or china is producing all these for pakistan..

    ha ha.. poor paki's…

    kid look if there is any drone over your head before jumping and roaring "hurrrrraaaayyyyyyy""…..ya jump up…."hurraay"

    once again……"hurrrrrrraaaaaaayyyyyyyy"….

  • Anonymous

    Why are all these Indians laughing and sniggling at the Pakistanis for putting their hopes on the Chinese trasfer of hardware and technologies, whereas India is unable to produce anything anywhere near to what the Chinese is doing? They should be crying like mad not being in the same class. They can't even produce any crap when given the blueprint.

  • Anonymous

    Copying from the USA?? If that's the case, then the US is copying from the Isrealis who were the ones that pioneered UAVs?? All planes would have common features if they are built to perform the same functions. A plane would have two main wings, two elerons, a rudder, an engine, a bulge on top to accommodate satcom equipment, etc. So where is the copying??