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Eurocopter X3 Hybrid Helicopter To Make Debut At Paris Air Sow

Eurocopter will give the first public flight presentations of its X3
hybrid helicopter and the EC175 helo at the 2011 Paris Air Show. 
Eurocopter, a division of aerospace and defense company EADS, will
also put on display at Le Bourget Airport its enhanced EC145 T2 and
AS350 B3e helicopters; an AS565 Panther outfitted with the Stand Alone
Weapon System (SAWS); the EC135 configured for law enforcement and
customs missions; and a version of the EC175 tailored for search and
rescue operations. 
Lutz Bertling, Eurocopter’s President and CEO says, “the X3 is an
excellent example of how we are preparing for the future…I am sure
that professional visitors and the public alike will be impressed by the
X3’s extraordinary flight demonstrations at this year’s Paris Air Show,
which are unequalled in aviation.”
The X3 demonstrator is powered by a five-blade main rotor system
and two propellers on short-span fixed wings – a combination that
delivers excellent vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a
helicopter, along with aircraft-type fast cruise speeds and
maneuverability, Bertling says. 
Eurocopter anticipates a wide range of utilizations for the X3
hybrid helicopter concept, including long-distance search and rescue
(SAR) missions, coast guard duties, border patrol missions, passenger
transport, offshore operations and inter-city shuttle services. 
The EC175 helo, developed jointly by Eurocopter and China, will
also be demonstrated at the Paris Air Show’s daily flight program.
Eurocopter foresees the rotary-wing aircraft’s certification during the
second half of 2011 for deliveries beginning in 2012.
This multi-role helicopter is in the seven-metric-ton weight
category, fitting into Eurocopter’s product range between its AS365
Dauphin and the AS332/EC225 Super Puma aircraft families. The EC175
benefits from a mix of proven and advanced technologies, providing
excellent performance and reliability.
Eurocopter will also exhibit its enhanced EC145 T2, AS350 B3e and AS565 MBe in the static display area during the show.