India To Test 5,000-km Agni-V China Killer ICBM By The End OF 2011

  Source:The Economic Times

 India will test its 5,000-km Inter-Continental ballistic missile (ICBM), often
termed the China killer For its ability to reach the
northernmost areas of that country,At The end of 2011. The head of a premier defence
research agency said on Friday when Defence Minister AK Antony
asked for the expeditious development of the Agni-V
missile system.

  DRDO  has developed a spectrum of missiles with a different range
and payload capability. Now, DRDO must demonstrate its capability to
reach a range of 5,000 km at the earliest, Antony said at a function at
the research agency.

DRDO chief
VK Saraswat , who was present beside Antony, said Agni-V
will be tested by the end of this year.

Antony also asked the agency to also develop a credible
Ballistice Missile Defence (BMD) system to intercept enemy
missiles that may target India, thereby taking the county into an elite
club of nations such as the US.

The interceptor missile development programme has taken India into an
elite club of nations that possess the capability to demonstrate and
deploy missile defence. DRDO should now work towards developing a
credible ballistic missile defence for our country. Antony told the
gathering of defence scientists.

India is in the process of developing its own BMD
system and has carried out six tests in the last two years, of which
four have been successful.

programme comprises a two-tiered system called Prithvi Air Defence 
PAD  for high-altitude interception at 50-80 km and
Advanced Air Defence  AAD  for low-altitude
interception 15-30 km.

India has
also inducted its latest 3,000-km Agni-III missile into the armed forces
and has begun serialised production of the weapon system.

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