JF-17 Will Appear In The Skies At Dubai Air Show

CATIC president Ma Zhiping  is confident that the JF-17 will appear at Dubai air show, which runs from 13-17 November.
Citing strong interest in the JF-17 from countries in Africa and the
Middle East, he said several countries have had test flights of the
low-cost aircraft. A new international buyer for the type is likely to
be announced within the next two to three years.
  • Anonymous

    This is a bullshit aircraft.

    Pakistan Air For doesn't have any future with this low-tech junk.

    Please note the following points:
    (1) It does not come with AESA radar. It doesn't even have any advanced Pulse Doppler or PESA radar.

    (2) It does not have any commitment with BVR.

    (3) It can only be used as secondary deterrent (along with high-tech Su-30s or F-16 block-60s).

    (4) It relies on engines manufactured by Russians and thereby is vulnerable to the threat of stopping the delivery at any time.

    (5) Its performance can only be compared with Mig-21 or Chinese F-7.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you indian for your comments. By the way all of these bullshit is very general about JF17.

    So thank you for wasting our time

  • Anonymous

    All aeroplanes undergo incremental upgrades and this includes the F22. If any one thinks that there are going to be dog fights above the skies of pakistan and india they're dreaming there isn't an air base on both sides of the border thats out of missile range be it cruise or balistic so where the hell are these aeroplanes going to take of from or land. The jf 17 is for low tech wars between third world countries i.e sudan and south sudan , egypt and ethiopia etc and for this purpose its ideal

  • Shazam786

    Not to rain on your 'Bullshit' parade:

    1 & 2 are the same points right, but correct me if I am wrong doesn't JF-17 suppose to use SD-10's and I thought that was a BVR Missile. If it doesn't support AESA right now, may be MKII will. If you've kept with the dev of JF-17 just look at the design changes incorportated b/w pt-03 & pt-04. How many planes flying right now have DSI's ? answer is 2 JF-17 and F-35 JSF (and it is not even fully operational yet).

    3) Concur, just look at the list of the aircraft it is going to replace Mirage III & V, F-7's etc.

    4) Sure, but doesn't LCA Tegas use foreign engines also ? LCA's engine is in dev for 20 yrs and still it is not being close to finish as higher requirements keep piling on the poor thing.

    5) Sure, it is intended to replace those planes so it is going to be compared to them… I would love to compare it to Tegas, but alas how many LCA Squadrons are flying right now ? also Tegas has only been flying in IDEX, JF-17 already has 3 shows under its belt, 1 static and 2 flying. Dubai one is coming up and I would love to see Tegas over there going head to head with JF 17.

  • Anonymous

    JF-17 can be compared with Mig 31 in use. Its air frame can be compared with Mig 21. And it cannot be compared with Mig-23,F-16 and J-10 as all these are similar having almost similar parameters in terms of engine,fire power only thing that makes these different is airframe,design and housing. So please make it clear for what purpose JF-17 will be used. Regarding LCA-tejas and JAS-Gripen they are kind of low attack and come back as they can super-cruse and also can carry good radar, due to the design. LCA as also stealth features the heat signature is also low. The LCA and Gripen can be compared with mirage-2000 also.What role will JF-17 perform and how.Mig – 29 can hardly perform some thing with help of two engine what will JF-17 will do with single engine, Even Mig-27 has better powerful engine, only problem is its design and gun. Regarding JF-17 display screen belive me it is chines . And chip set it is also chines. Even russian do not use chines.
    Even the memory card what you people use is written made in china, do you know any memory card that is available in the world use the wafers from the U.S American company. The asian market only embeds onto board. So what do you think the pakistan will think of JF-17 made from , rejected Russian design.It will be just a prey . Pilot sitting in it is a goat if aircraft is not with AEW&C system. I think china made it to encounter mig 21, LCA tejas and JAS gripen.

    Mig-21 vs JF-17

    Mig -21 Service ceiling: 19,000 m, JF-17 Service ceiling: 16,920 m.
    Mig -21 Maximum speed: 2,125 km/h (1,385 mph)
    Maximum speed: Mach 2.05, JF-17 Maximum speed: Mach 1.8[10][47] (1,191 knots, 2,205 km/h)
    Mig -21 Length: 15.76, JF-17 – Length: 14.0 m

  • Anonymous

    RD-33 Engines cant carry AESA radar, they do not have more thrust it is like using bus to carry goods. The AESA radar are more then 100 KG and its housing is still heavy. Entire air frame has to be changed of course pulse dopler radar can be carried as it is between 100+70 KG around as it is easy to fit . The F-16 is built perfectly to house any thing.