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Mossad & CIA Committed 9-11: Italian President Francesco Cossiga

Source: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=114778

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence
of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read
newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and
Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence

The evidence that Mossad planned 911 using Arab patsies is overwhelming;
Mossad were caught filming the attack from Liberty Park and then later
said on Israeli TV that they were sent there to document (they along
with nearly 200 Mossad were rounded up and sent back to Israeli in the
weeks following the attack, preventing the FBI from questioning them).
Only 5 Israeli’s died in the WTC attack; 3 on the airplanes and 2 in the
buildings. It is a fact unexplainable by Zionists apologists that
Idigo, and Israeli messaging service sent a warning in Hebrew worldwide
that a terror attack would happen in a few hours on the day of the
attack. The only country to have benefitted militarily and economically
is Israeli from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan. 

evidence of demolition in WTC 7 is obvious and the 911 commission didn’t
even try to explain how a steel building with internal fires could
SUDDENLY COLLAPSE IN ABOUT 9 SECONDS something that has never happened
before. Of course the ‘magic passport’ supposedly found as rubble was
raining down by a well dressed passerby who never identified himself and
turned into the FBI was convenient. You have seen the chaos, the flying
bodies and debris, screaming terrified people running from the WTC; so
just why would a passport be picked up on the street and how could it
have survived with NO SIGNS OF DAMAGE from the plane is beyond anyone to

And the only Israeli company in the twin towers with about 300
employees moved out 1 week before the attack, paying $50K to break their
lease. Coincidenc? The 40 times normal PUT options against the airlines
traded in the week before the attack involved in 911 were all traded
from a bank in Israel, yet the 911 commission REFUSED to investigate
this on the basis that since Israel is “not a terroist country”, the
abnormal volume meant nothing !! Barak was on TV the day of the attack
in an interview by the BBC where at one point he sais the buildings were
felled by “explosions”, then quickly, with the most embarrassed look on
his face, restarted the sentence and said the buildings were felled by

The US has obviously been used by Zionists or ‘neocons’
in high places in Washington; the head of the 911 commistion is a
Zionist and the head of Homeland security were both citizens of Israeli.
Cheney and the oil companies benefitted too and gave Mossad the
go ahead. The CIA has used the Mafia to do it’s dirty work in the past
and they just switched to Mossad for operations involving the Middle

So do you think that Israel’s spy agency planned 911 so that we can go
over to the Middle East and fight their enemies for them?

Is bin Laden possibly a secret Mossad agent since we can’t find him and
that he has NEVER attacked or even attempted to attack in Israel?

Plus Al-Qaeda has killed more Muslims than any other religious group. Including anti-zionists.

Don’t you think there is something fishy going on here that the government refuses to tell us? 

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    A Pakistani porn story.

  • Anonymous

    This is a Pakistani hackers plan to divert attention we hindus know it well.
    We told U Ladin is in Pak, no one listen to us now these people trying to divert attention.

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    remeber watching the buildings collapse and thought controlled demolition….just like some movies…kind of lame that people have stopped wanting to use there brains and decided to follow the media line of 2 planes collapsing 3 buildings,lol,when in fact a single building wouldnt have collaped with 10 planes hitting it,lol

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    Again Hindu brandwashed and talking about Pakistan out of hatred. Pakistan has nothing to do with 9/11. None of Pakistanis or Afghanis were invloved in it.