Pakistan Navy To Get 6 QING Class Submarines And 2 Typ 054A FFGs From China

In the past it Has been Reported that Pakistan is getting  039 class "Songs" or 041 class Yuan class From china But now reports emerge that it is the latest variant of 041 class named "QING" class submarines for which a deal was inked for 6.

The first Qing class built for Chinese Navy was launched last year and will be going through the sea trial this month 6/2011 which will include the firing of CJ-10K LACms with a range of 1,500 KM.

The deal was signed between Wuhan-based China State Shipbuilding Industrial Corp (CSIC) and Pakistani Government in April 2011 is for 6 Qing class submarine, These submarines will be double hulled with a submerged displacement of 3,600 tons. It will be equipped with the new Stirling-cycle AIP and will be able to carry upto 3 CJ-10K which could carry nuclear warheds, Other features include hull retractable foreplanes and hydrodynamically streamlined sail. The AIP and the propulsion systems will be all electric and not the diesal electric propulsion system making the submarines very quiet. This propulsion system has already been tested on a number of heavier Chinese submarines.

And In the other development is Pakistan has also signed a deal for a 10 year leaso of 2 Type 054A FFGs. The two ships that Pakistan will receive are serial number 525 and 526 inducted in PLAN in 2005.


tgillusionz said...

meh...more target practice for Indian P-8 Poseidon loaded with MK-54 torpedos.

Fahad said...

in your dreams these are not sitting ducks

Anonymous said...

If not sitting ducks then they are just bucket of craps floating in the ocean waiting to be hit. Pakistanis must be nuts for relying too much on China's technologies. They can't even make a decent sub for their own uses, much less selling you guys for extra bucks to fund their military industry...

Anonymous said...

pakistan is getting huge arms from US and medium from China, and they are bullying only one...US

Brazil.looter said...

What else can a person with the mentality of brahmans say even ? LOL Is your LCA Aircraft ready yet stupid indians ? LOL

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