Indian Nany Gorshkov Aircraft Carrier Be Further Delayed Now Will Be Delivered In 2013

Russia's most happening naval show - the maritime exhibition at St Petersburg - word is that the Gorshkov aircraft carrier could be further delayed. There's no official confirmation of that neither from the Sevmash shipyard nor the Russian Defence Ministry.But naval sources told CNN-IBN there appeared to be problems with the supply of certain steels to the yard. The sources said this was an internal problem in Russia involving different ministries. But unless resolved speedily this could see the carrier's delivery put off to 2013.

A high level Indian defence delegation was recently at the Sevmash yard to take stock of the situation. It's not clear what new measures are being recommended to expedite delivery of the Gorshkov. What's clear is that the Indian Navy may have to wait some more time for the Gorshkov.

Problems also with the delivery of the second line of Talwar Class frigates - three of which are being built at the Yantar shipyard.

The first was to be handed over in November this year to the Indian Navy. But is now expected to be delivered only next February. Reason for the delay - because the Yantar yard is building warships after a long break. The chief of the shipyard was replaced.

The new chief - only 48 hours into his job - refused to comment but there was an oblique hint from elsewhere.

Deputy General Director at Rosoboronexport Viktor Komardin said, "We see different obstacles and hurdles on the way. Bureaucracy, then crisis of different kinds which raises the normal steps makes it twice more expensive. It is economy, it is bureaucracy. It is caution you understand because each project is the leading one."

The delay could see the cost of the Talwar go up. Adding to the acrimony between the two capitals and undermining a crucial pillar of the India-Russia partnership.

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Shazam786 said...

I don't know why India puts up with this Russian crap, You know price hikes, delivery dates that slip into years of delays, but I guess India is finally getting wise up to the Russian games, probably one of the main reasons that they lost the Aircraft Contract with MIG 35.

I guess India could've gone the China way buy an incomplete hulk of an Aircraft Carrier and they refurb it themselves and then in the mean time keep on designing their own aircraft carriers and use the old one for Tactics, Training and what not to do ;) etc.

Anonymous said...

India can't go the path of China. Reason is that they have been totally dependent on outright purchases of all their weapons systems that they failed to develop the foundation for a robust, high technological military industrial base. No, they just have to continuer to depend on the Russians for their defence needs, and at most divert their reliance to the West.

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