Response To Strike From Pakistan Will Be Massive: IAF Chief

Indian Air Force (IAF) chief P V Naik on Tuesday said Pakistan's new tactical nuclear missile or expanding arsenal is of no worry to India.

"As per our doctrine, response to a first strike will be massive," Naik threatened. The IAF chief's statement came following the news report that Pakistan planned to add 24 nuclear-capable, short-range missiles capable of hitting all major Indian cities to its arsenal this year.

This will be the highest number of missiles Pakistan has ever produced in a year if the government achieves the target, The Express Tribune newspaper quoted its sources as saying.

The air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles will be able to hit targets at a distance between 700 km and 1,000 km, thus putting nearly all major Indian cities within their range, the report claimed.

The plan is in line with Pakistan's official policy of having what is rhetorically called "maintaining a minimum deterrence", especially against India, the daily quoted sources as saying.

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